Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fish egg!

A little late to the caviar fish egg manicure trend, but better late than never.  Actually, strike that. This was tedious, messy and not really that attractive. Never again!

First endeavours into stamping

Here is a little something I pulled together with the help of a Konad stamping plate. Do not ask me which one, I have no recollection.  It's from one of the French tips plates, though, if that helps.

This manicure was amazing because everyone thought I had free-handed the bows perfectly. Don't make me laugh, ha. 

I struggle with the placement of these stupid stamps, though, which you can tell from this manicure. I can NEVER get them exactly where I want them and am extremely envious of those who have this magic skill.

Black and white dot magic

These are the nails I wore to view the new Great Gatsby film. I figured there would be a lot of tuxedos in the movie (and I was right... nailed it. Ha! Nail. Nailed it. I'm awesome) and it is a type of nod to a vintage manicure. 

I was gratified to see some authentic vintage laquer looks in the movie, so two thumbs up for that.  A twenties-era manicure was typified by a half-moon and tips without polish on them.  Also, a curved, pointy-shaped nail.  Here is a difficult to see picture:

You get the idea! History lesson over.

La la laaaaaa.

What began as some sort of striping adventure was quickly derailed by my shaky hand with the striping brush.  I needed a distraction, and so added music notes, which was pretty much adorable. And it matched my dress, so it was doubly amazing.

Vintage-y flowers

Courtesy of a particularly generous Reddit gift exchange, I recently received the Zoya and butter London summer pastel collections.  What better way to show them off?

The roses are especially satisfying because from a distance/when my hands are in motion, they look very detailed and impressive. 

These are inspired by my pajamas, which I will decidedly not be showing you a picture of. Enjoy!