Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So OBSESSED with dots

Don't know why exactly, but I am beyond obsessed with this look.  On my pinky finger, I executed what I wanted completely perfectly. I became increasingly messy/tired with each subsequent finger, but still.  

It looks amazing.

Pridey sparkles

My manicure for Pride here in San Francisco was absolutely charming, even though I am really sketchy with polka dots. I cannot make them even for the life of me. Whatever, I'm over it.

The glitter is actually a loose glitter that's mixed by hand and cured through a somewhat complicated gel process. It could have lasted for ten days-two weeks, but my attention span is so short, I needed to get it off sooner.  This manicure lasted all weekend, so it felt like a long stretch to me.  It's difficult to see the depth of the glitter, and the different colours, but, especially in the sun, it looked almost like jewels. How fabulous!